AC16 Educational Sessions for California Water Leaders


Santa Clara Convention Center
April 26-29

Annual Conference is a great opportunity for California water utility leaders to catch-up with old friends, make new connections and learn about the latest trends in resource recovery and effective utility management. We are on our way to building the Utilities of the Future and our Program Chairs have put together an outstanding slate of sessions to help you and your team make the water profession’s future bright and prosperous.

Register today and we’ll see you in Santa Clara..

Tuesday In-Depth Workshops

  1. W1: Building Trust and Having Strategic Conversations
  2. W4: Climate Extremes The New Normal
  3. W5: Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Rates Everything You Want to Know

Wednesday Opening Session and Deep Dives – Built by Water Leaders for Water Leaders

  1. Opening General Session – Building Extraordinary Results Through Strategic Conversations, Mutuality and Partnerships
  2. What Do You Do When a Lawsuit Lands on Your Desk?
  3. Effective Utility Management
  4. Leadership and Succession Planning
  5. Utility of the Future: Building Sustainability

Thursday Educational Sessions

  1. ABCs Of Learning: Advancing Learning, The Brain And The Competitive Edge
  2. Communication – Solutions for Acceptance: Using Education to Reduce the Ick-Factor and Increase
  3. Lunch time panel discussion – Is the Pace of Technology Innovation Fast Enough within the Water Sector?
  4. Operations – Drought and Water Conservation: The Impact on Wastewater Characterization and Plant Performance
  5.  Data Driven: How We Can Leverage Data to Work for Us
  6. Turning Data Into Action to Drive System Optimization and Performance
  7. Kicking It Downstream: The Effect of Water Treatment Residuals on Wastewater and Recycled Water

Friday Educational Sessions

  1. Capital Planning on a Budget:  Risk-Based Collection System Condition Assessment Using State-of-the-Art Technology
  2. Applied Asset Management: Lessons for Performance-Based Regulatory Compliance
  3. Prop 1 Regulatory Update by SWRCB
  4. Overcoming Regulatory Challenges
  5. Assessing Resource Recovery as a Component of Treatment Plants of the Future
  6. Be sure to get your ticket for the always popular CWEA Awards Presentation lunch on Friday before it sells out!

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Okay California water leaders – we’ll see you in Santa Clara! together we can build a brighter future for all California Water Professionals.