AC16 Sessions and Events for Young Professionals


The water sector is booming – now is a great time to be a young water professional.  As the Baby Boomers start to retire there are so many new opportunities available in the water sector! According to WEF and AWWA about 30% of the water workforce will retire over the next few years.

At the 2016 Annual Conference  in Santa Clara you can network, learn and have some fun with 2,000 water professionals from across California. Put your career on the fast track and get involved in CWEA. Our Conference Chairs and the Students & Young Professionals Committee have put together an outstanding list of events and training sessions. Please share this invite with your fellow YPs!

Don’t miss out – register before April 11th to get the pre-conference price.
Students & Young Professionals event schedule (pdf)
You’re already designing sewer projects so Annual Conference is a great opportunity to get a broad view of the water resource recovery world and where we’re heading as utilities of the future.
Here are some suggestions to help you get your supervisor’s approval to attend:
  1. Check out the session schedule
  2. Find four or five presentations related to projects you are already working on
  3. Highlight those sessions so your supervisor knows what you will learn at AC16 and sees how the information applies to your projects
  4. Type up a summary of how those presentations will help you help on your current projects, expand your knowledge, make connections with current and future customers and help you and your firm become even more successful

Young Professional Education & Events

Tuesday – Full Day Workshops

  • W1: Building Trust and Having Strategic Conversations
  • W2: Collection Systems Bootcamp 201 (working on sewer system projects? Getting ready for your PE? Get a better understanding of the system and the people who run them by attending this workshop).
  • W5: Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Rates – Everything You Want to Know
  • Opening General Session – mutuality and partnerships in the water sector
  • Deep Dive – Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level (meet top General Managers from local water agencies. Organized by the California Association of Sanitation Agencies)
  • Innovation Learning Center – Pump efficiency training and Advanced  Treatment Technologies (get a better understanding of new sewer technologies)
  • Tour: Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center
  • Students & Young Professionals Committee Happy Hour (David’s Restaurant) see SYP event flyer to RSVP
Thursday (a few sample sessions)
  • Breakfast: Students & Young Professionals Committee Meeting (ticket required) (get involved in the SYP committee and meet other fantastic volunteers!)
  • Drought and Water Conservation: The Impact on Wastewater Characterization and Plant Performance
  • Leading Edge Research of Direct Potable Water Reuse
  • Lunch Meeting – Join us for lunch in the exhibit hall to meet up and debrief! Come find our table with the SYP sign.
  • Innovations in Wastewater Disinfection Technologies
  • Collection System of the Future
  • Plant staff readiness for the commissioning of new treatment plant systems
Friday (a few sample sessions)
  • How to Conduct Your Own Risk Analysis for Prioritizing Sewer CIP Projects
  • Applied Asset Management: Lessons for Performance-Based Regulatory Compliance
  • Where’s the Rain? Impacts from the Drought on Wastewater Treatment
  • Operations & Engineering: How Do We Achieve Success Together?

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One Water. One California. One fantastic conference for young water professionals!